SiNi Products 3ds Max

SiNi IgNite 3ds max Plugin

IgNite is our flagship product designed as a complete productivity springboard, central to an artists workflow. At present we have built-in over 140 tools, bespoke plugins, HDRI setup, Maxscript loader and function publishing.

Artists from many professions are finding IgNite invaluable in their daily work. The UI is separated into grouped tools that are also available as separate toolbars. Additionally, IgNite allows you to set SiNi configuration paths for scripts, library location settings and includes the ability to bulk convert scenes into ProxSi format for scene optimisation.

The bespoke plugins have been designed to save you hours of work including, CAD/BIM importing and clean-up, retopologizing massing models and terrains, HDRI lighting setup, advanced project archiving and relinking. We believe this growing collection of plugins make this toolset unique and a must for any artist looking to save valuable time and money.

SiNi SiClone 3ds max Plugin

SiClone grew from a basic array toolset into a powerful, yet simple to use parametric modelling tool, capable of producing repetitive and complex modelling tasks, while keeping at its core, poly optimisation, meaning a model will auto-optimise depending on poly complexity settings.

SiClone texture mapping has been coded to accurately follow a spline, including correct mapping to bends and corners, an issue experienced with mapping on the sweep modifier. Any geometry, proxy, point cache or light can be added to SiClone, including animated geometry. It includes selective colour variation and camera clipping.

The product includes a library function where you can easily save and reload your favourite bespoke setups locally or on a network for studio usage.


SiNi Proxsi  3ds max Plugin

We designed ProxSi while working in a busy VFX and VIZ production studio, where multiple renderers and pipelines were used for different projects. We needed a proxy that would not interrupt the workflow allowing us to freely move from one renderer to another without affecting the integrity of the proxy geometry, transforms or instances.

ProxSi is truly universal and supported by all leading renderers. It allows for round-trip editing, meaning you can convert back to edit mesh, make changes, and convert back into ProxSi as often as you need, while keeping all references and instances intact.

As an added feature, ProxSi includes asset security, where you can lock-down an asset with password protection and date stamp. This means you can protect valuable intellectual property 3d assets and control who has access. The ProxSi can be unlocked by entering the password, or if date expires, it will no longer render, but still remains in the scene.

SiNi Scatter 3ds max Plugin

Disperse is a freehand 3d painting tool and object replacer that will free up your artistic creativity to allow you to paint complex scenes as easy as digitally painting in a 2D software program.

By adding any 3d geometry, point cache or proxies you can paint unrestricted anywhere in your scene without the need to select base geometry. The paintbrush gizmo gives visual feedback on object direction, size of distribution and orientation.

Included with Disperse, you can add object transformations on individual or multiple objects, including random transformations, random colour variation and animation offset.

When you have finished 3d painting, you have the ability to export as edit mesh, saved as separate objects, ie people mesh, trees mesh. It will include a library facility to save and load presets from file, meaning you can save your favourite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.

SiNi Proxsi 3ds max Plugin

We have made Forensic FREE for everyone with unlimited usage. It has received critical acclaim for its features, and is used globally by many studios and freelancers.

Forensic investigation of 3d scenes is essential if you wish to fix any scene related issues before they potentially cause production and rendering issues further down the line, costing you both time and money to resolve.

It works by inspecting the scene and returns findings for you to analyse and fix. It checks all renderers for miss-matched lights and proxies, 3rd party plugins such as Forest Pack, Railclone, Xmesh, Fumefx and Realflow.

We continue to add features to Forensic to support our users, on both FREE subscription and PAID membership. Please note, ad-free Forensic is also included with IgNite.

SiNi Scatter 3ds max Plugin

We evaluated the pros and cons of writing Scatter before deciding to greenlight it, especially as there are many existing products available. We decided to do things a little different, the SiNi way, making a tool that allows for more artistic control and would work in partnership with our other tools.

Scatter has been designed to make complex scenes with as little work as possible! We wanted a scatter tool that allows for clean animation of distributed objects without regen-popping as well as the ability to intuitively refine the scene by adding paint and erase features similar to our 3d paint tool, Disperse.

The plugin allows artists to add any 3d object, proxy (including ProxSi and all leading renderer proxies) and point cache files. You can offset animation as well as adding colour variation to any material. It includes the ability to save and load presets from file, meaning you can save your favourite presets locally or on a network for everyone to access.