3D City Model Generation

The demand for our in-development city generation plugin, seen in demonstrations, is overwhelming.

While this remains in development and not available to the public, we offer an ‘at cost’ service to generate buildings from massing models using our production proven script version.

If you are interested in this service, please send us a brief and massing model. We will need to evaluate the 3D model in order to calculate the clean-up and any fixing to the geometry before running the script.

The process can typically be turned around very quickly, subject to the quality of massing model.

Please note. There are limitations to the Maxscript version. The massing model must be saved in meters.

Custom Scripting and C++ Coding

Need a special tool for your pipeline? Looking to rework a tool you already have? Do you want to convert your script to a C++ plugin?

We offer a bespoke software development service offering Maxscript, Python and C++ coding.

All our plugins are developed in C++ code and delivered as a compiled plugin. Maxscript is an un-encrypted script format meaning it can be adapted or copied.

To date, we have helped companies and studios improve their in-house tools and pipelines and assisted 3rd party developers with 3ds Max integration.

Please note: If you have an idea or tool suggestion you would like to see built into our tools, please visit our support forum and add it to the wish list under the product heading.

3D Assets


We offer a growing collection of 3d assets ready for use in 3ds Max, created by us as part of our commitment to our members.

Our Archviz members will benefit from our pre-calculated cache files of fountain simulations. Further collections of elements will be added, including fire and water.

Asset Management


In partnership with the release of AMI (asset management interface) plugin.

The thought of importing thousands of your 3d models into the database is a labour intensive and costly consideration for your studio.

SiNi is here to help. Under confidentiality, copyright and intellectual property agreements, our asset team will do the work for you.

Working to your specifications, we will metatag and import all your files into your system, allowing you to concentrate on creative work.

You’ll be up and running in no time with a well organised library!