IgNite 3ds Max plugin

Why use IgNite?

IgNite is our flagship ‘go to’ productivity and workflow toolset 3ds Max artists use to speed up daily work, bringing everything into one UI location, including over 200+ tools, bespoke utility plugins and loading all your favorite scripts.



For plugin overviews, please see the tabs below for specific information on each product.


Max Scriptable

We have added Maxscript functionality to IgNite meaning many of the tools code can be added to your own scripts or, for pipeline development, you may wish to add our tools into your own UI and remove ours altogether. For code see each Maxscript Function tab below.



  • Utility Plugin Products (See below for more information)
  • Relinking and archiving scenes with 3rd party file types.
  • Manage all your favorite scripts.
  • CAD cleanup and 3d retopologizing tools.
  • 3D Asset library management.


Requirements & Supported Software

  • Static MacID
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 - 2020


Try / Buy

Available for 30-day free trial. See price page for subscriptions.

Supports the following 3rd Party Renderers


SiNi IgNite
IgNite Springboard - Main Interface
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Forensic - Scene Checker
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Scribe - Spline Tools
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Sculpt - Mesh & Poly Tools
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Jumble - Selection & Transform
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Illumi - HDRI Wizard
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Unite - File Relink & Archive
SiNi SiNiScript
IgNite SiNiScript - Maxscript Extension
SiNi IgNite
IgNite Amy - 3d Asset Manager