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by SiNi_Nigel
Posted on October 16, 2018.

New release of SiNi Software 1.11.2

Please log in to your User Dashboard and download the new version now.

We are pleased to announce the latest release of SiNi Software plugins for 3ds Max. All plugins are now available in 3ds Max 2019-2015. This release features new plugins, updates and bug fixes for all plugins. We recommend everyone upgrade ASAP to this release. For more information on individual plugins, please see below.



  • See the following updates to IgNite plugins



  • All Attach functions now work with multiple Map Channels.
  • Rebuild Mesh will now condense Map Channels to get rid of gaps.
  • Rebuild Mesh now supports instances.
  • Weld verts now supports instances.



  • Fixed crash when trying to delete certain paths.



  • Added function to search and delete malicious MAXScript viruses; ALC, CRP and ADSL.



  • Fixed issue where older version of Illumi Compasses didn’t show all menus.


NEW PLUGIN - Preflight (Beta)

  • Checks and optimises models for export to Datasmith/Unreal Engine.
  • Checks to see if there are any Missing Textures.
  • Cleans up Map Channels.
  • Instances objects that are unique.
  • Deletes Double Faces.
  • Convert textures to .png file format.
  • Exports to Datasmith.



  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.



  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.



  • Now supports multiple Map Channels on Objects.


All Plugins - Main UI

  • PreFlight added to the SiNi drop-down menu.
  • Callbacks for MAXScript virus deletion added to the SiNi drop-down menu.


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